Long before the world was born...

the dwarves began to dig.

The found magic in the very dirt. Most of the topsoil had no magic in it, but the deeper they burrowed toward the planet’s center, the more plentiful the magic.

Soon, they found ways to bring the magic upward. They used it to help them sculpt the world, and the world used it to sculpt them. The world told them its name: Eos.

The magic let the dwarves create portals which allowed them to visit other worlds. They made 5 gates, and a unique gem for each that would act as a key.

Soon the other races discovered the portals and fought for control. They stole knowledge, power, and life. They harmed and controlled the creatures of these worlds. The great winged beasts who lived there fought back against these violent invaders. There was war, and blood. The world was in pain.

Eos shared its sadness with the dwarves. It showed them a perfect vision of a terrible future: the planet as a wasteland, devoid of life. Though the dwarves loved and cared for the earth below and they knew they had to do something to stop the death of the world.

At last, unable to keep the peace, the dwarves hid the gems away. They scattered these keys across Eos to keep them hidden away. 

The dwarves wrote down the world’s premonition.  It was to be instructive.

It became a prophecy.


From Before.

Slip and stumble.
Crystal crumble.

Merry mayor.
Cuckcoo call.
Heavy handed.
Tower. Wall.

Verdant vellum.
Seedling. Sage.
Blackened contract.
Merchant's wage.

Mask and magic.
Whisper wearer.
Spell and seer.
Tremor. Terror.

First, The Stones.

Five keys open five old locks
One that shows you how to talk
Two that show you Ma'at's path
One that turns for perfect wrath

The last key opens more than doors
Releasing days, dimensions, wars
Dwarven lords tossed them away
One glen to and one to Fae

Red, as he helps the weak
Violet, as he learns to speak
Green, as he finds the way
White, only brings dismay

Gold, and her decision made:
Two forgiven, two betrayed.
As she reaches for her youth
The final gem reveals the truth.

One key for each modern heir,
Of destiny they’re unaware.
Five keys for each of five folk,
Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Smoke.

The story told time and again,
Not just where but how and when,
They always open, every gate.
No one can escape this fate.














Next, The Destined.

The one of forged elven blood
Arrives upon on a dragon white
And reads our words as a flood
To help salvage Kosef’s blight.

Tam, though we do not know you,
You can read our ancient scrawl,
Heed our words and words pursue:
Keep Eos green and save them all.

Our mother terra told us much,
That you and Anthel would disagree.
But though his heart you must touch,
With your dark and reddest plea.

Then there is a viole(n)t greed,
We know he is not alone.
Eos tells us and she bleeds,
As Xander slips into his stone.

Not all is in stone engraved,
There is another in deep pain,
Failed and g(u)ilty, he can be saved:
Help Aziza remember Slayn.

Follow and betray her inheritance
If only in Eos’s soul defense
With help of dragon, rainbow and white
The one of true vision will lose her sight

Decayed divine will attempt to kill death,
His own silent shouts will stop his own breath
He will fail, and he will succeed,
He will bring the Dragon down to its knees.

She has met him, but he hasn’t met her
Things are now as they always once were
He will show her to step deep in the stone
And she will teach him what it takes to atone








Last, The Cursed.

Rotos was a victim of circumstance.
Small sliver of hope and he took his chance,
They gave him direction, they gave a hand,
Dragon club was the home he never had.

Many others found a family within
A half-demon man who acts guardian.
"Aezor, protect us" is part of the pact,
But for this protection you sign a contract.

There is a cost to such an arrangement:
Demonstrations to stay in the convent.
Now he must prove that his keep is well-earned,
Rotos the betrayer has now returned.


The sphinx is lost and will be so
Until the sands of time help her
To understand why she grows old
And watch the world pass in a blur.

Bound forever by her curse
Speak the truth, she always would.
Until solved her rhyming verse,
Her bite is bound in falsehood:

“Everything I devour
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers
Gnaws through iron, bites through steel
Grinds all bones into meal
Slays the king, ruins towns
I beat the highest mountains down

Nothing can stand up to me
The fervent knight, the largest sea
A human with the strongest will
An elf with elegant, perfect skill
A tiefling with deepest demon blood,
A dwarf rerouting colossal floods

Ever nearing, never veering
Overarching, domineering
Chaotic, nothing in its way
Despotic, beset, come what may
So What is this unyielding lot
That can't be fought, that can't be bought?

It binds us tightly in its thrall...
The force that connects us all.”